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CGPA | GPA :                   {{((sem1gpa*sem1credits)+(sem2gpa*sem2credits)+(sem3gpa*sem3credits)+(sem4gpa*sem4credits)+(sem5gpa*sem5credits)+(sem6gpa*sem6credits)+(sem7gpa*sem7credits)+(sem8gpa*sem8credits))/(sem1credits+sem2credits+sem3credits+sem4credits+sem5credits+sem6credits+sem7credits+sem8credits) | number:2}}

How Marksheet Works

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Using marksheet is simple, Just Enter your GPA of a particular semester in the left field and the total credits for that semester in the right field and you're good to go.

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You can even calculate your GPA for a particular semester, Just enter the grade point for the particular course in the left field and credits for that course in the right field.


Marksheet was created to address a very simple problem faced by most students, To calculate and predict their CGPA or GPA. One would have to do tedious calculations on the calculator to know how much they must score to reach a particular goal. Not anymore ! Marksheet makes it simple to predict how much one would need to score to get a particular amount of gpa